• "I have three employees that work at the plant. One is the boss, one is the Front End Loader Operator and one is the Laborer.

    All three had the sinusitis attack that everyone is getting. Work was low and the weather was not good, so the boss urged everyone to go to the doctor so everyone would be ready when the weather gets better. The boss and the Front End Loader Operator went to Access Health; the laborer said he was going to the emergency room.

    They all three went at the same time.

    The boss and the Front End Loader Operator get back to the office about an hour later after going to, being treated and coming back from Access Health. The boss calls the laborer he was still just waiting to be seen in the ER. The boss gave him directions to Access Health from the ER and he was back at work an hour later.

    Access Health

    1. Saving my employees money
    2. Saving my company money
    3. Saving time
    4. Eliminating presenteeism

    I would go so far to say that 40% to 60% of our Access Health visits are visits that would have NEVER taken place. Some because of out of pocket costs, others for not making the appointment and some for not wanting to wait."

  • "I went to the clinic because my throat starting hurting that previous day and I wanted to knock it out before the holidays. I got there about 9:30 in the morning; the nurse was extremely nice and helpful. She told me that I had a fever and my pulse was high, that my body was fighting off something. The PA came in and told me that I had Strep and she was going to write me a prescription of strong antibiotics to knock it out quickly. They faxed it over to Walgreen’s so I could pick it up on my way home and I felt like a new person by Friday. On Monday the nurse even called me to follow up with me to see how I was feeling."

  • "Our COO and one of our administrators visited the clinic in Alexandria and had wonderful experiences. The care they both received from the nurse practionier was exceptional and her bedside manner made them feel at ease."

  • "The PA that treated me said he would call me in a few days to check to see how I was feeling…he did call and it felt like old times when the doctor used to call and check up on you. That really meant a lot."

  • Our Human Resource department had recently told us about Access Health, so I decided to give it a try. Upon arrival there was only one other person waiting. As I filled out my paperwork, I chatted with the receptionist. She was very friendly. I had to wait probably 10-15 minutes before I was called to the back. I was very pleased with the wait time. Once I went back, the nurse preformed the standard assessments, weight, blood pressure, etc. The PA was very personable and thorough. While she was still in the room talking to me about my diagnosis and treatment plan she submitted the prescriptions to my pharmacy electronically. She made me feel comfortable and cared for. I returned to work after the visit and approximately 20-30 after my return, I received a text message stating my prescriptions were filled. The entire experience was great! I was very pleased with the service I received. I’ve passed the word along to my co-workers and will definitely continue to use the Access Health!

  • This is just a short note to inform whomever it may concern that my recent visit to Access Health was very pleasant. The Staff was so efficient and cheerful. I was in and out in no time but never felt rushed. A big plus!!

  • "The clinic was quick and they were friendly. I don't think I waited more than 5-10 minutes once I had completed all the "new patient info". After all my stats were taken by the nurse, I only waited another 5-10 minutes before the PA came in to see me. I believe I was in and out in about 45 minutes."

  • "We have heard nothing but great things about the clinic! The staff and facility were very impressive and our employees are extremely grateful we have given them such an excellent benefit with our clinic."

  • "We have had access to our clinic for a year now and it is a blessing and comfort that I can be treated very quickly and effectively so I can return to work."

  • "I love knowing we have this awesome benefit through our employer’s medical plan. I can take my children and know they will be treated well and I do not have to pay any out of pocket expense!"

  • "The care from the clinic was wonderful! I was able to sign in as a new patient and be in the office for care within 15 minutes."

  • "My employees have said that it is very convenient, they were in and out and got the care they needed. They really like to utilize the clinic when they can."

  • "I have heard all positive comments from my employee’s experience with the clinic. I, myself, visited the clinic and was really pleased with the speed of getting in and out."

  • I went to the clinic this morning. The PA was wonderful and very proficient. She let me know immediately that she may not be able to give me medicine because I am pregnant. Once she determined my diagnosis, she called my OBGYN to ask him if the medicine she wanted to give me could be taken or if he had any recommendations. He is allowing me to take the medicine she wanted to give me. She faxed a copy of my records from today, over to his office. I was completely surprised that the service was sooooooo great!! I absolutely LOVE the Access Health Clinic!!

  • I wanted to let you know that my children visited the Access Health clinic today for the first time. Nothing major. They were impressed -- in and out in less than an hour and said the staff and physicians were extremely nice.