• » What is Access Health?

    A high quality employer sponsored medical clinic (on-site or near-site) staffed by physician extenders, who are clinicians trained and licensed to treat common conditions, provide preventive services and give health advice.

  • » Who are the Access Health clinicians?

    Physician extenders who are licensed Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants. All physician extenders are supported by primary physicians who provide oversight and are on-site in the clinics.

  • » Does it matter where my insurance coverage is?

    Access Health Clinics are an enhancement to your insurance. Just present the insurance card you presently have. You must be covered under your employer’s health plan.

  • » Who can be treated at Access Health?

    Please see clinic locations.

  • » Which conditions are treated at Access Health?

    Access Health’s clinicians treat 25 to 30 common conditions such as strep throat, ear infections, urinary tract infections, skin rashes, and minor stitches. Clinicians are able to order prescriptions for these conditions when appropriate.

  • » What preventive services are provided?

    Access Health’s clinicians provide a broad range of preventive services, including blood screening tests, immunizations, and basic physical exams.

  • » When is Access Health open?

    Hours will vary and is dependent on the clinic location.

  • » Which tests or screenings are available at Access Health?

    You can receive most common blood tests. Our tests include, but are not limited to, screenings for high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney function, thyroid disease, allergies, prostatic specific antigen (PSA), and osteoporosis. The clinic also offers basic lab and x-ray services.

  • » Do I need an appointment?

    You do NOT need an appointment; patients are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. However, scheduled appointments can be made if you desire.

  • » Can Access Health clinicians give prescriptions for routine or minor conditions?

    Yes, the Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medications for your condition they treated in the Access Health clinic.

  • » How much will I have to pay for services at Access Health?

    You will have “no out of pocket expense” for services provided at Access Health. The clinic provides quality healthcare for minor and common conditions, plus basic preventive and wellness services. Access Health is an employee benefit provided by your employer.

  • » Who sponsors Access Health?

    Your Employer through a partnership with Access Health.

  • » Can I go to Access Health for any health issue?

    Access Health treats many common problems for primary, preventative, and wellness care. A primary care physician is immediately available if your problem is complex, or requires a higher more comprehensive level of service. After your provider assessment, if a higher level of care is required you will be referred to a Primary Care (if you do not have one, we can offer this service) or Specialty Physician for a more comprehensive level of services that may include more extensive labs and x-rays. At that time, your insurance will be filed for these services and you will be responsible for payment of any deductible or co-payment required by your policy.

  • » What is the role of Access Health’s physician coverage?

    Access Health clinicians operate under the supervision of local physicians. This medical supervision ensures that you receive high–quality, professional care. For more complex or chronic medical conditions, a physician is available.

  • » Can I use any Access Health Clinic or just the one near my Employer?

    You will have access to all Access Health Clinic locations.

  • » Can I bring in a lab and/or x-ray order from an outside physician?

    No. The Provider in the Access Health clinic will order labs and x-rays based on their independent assessment of the patient’s needs. Access Health is not an independent or reference lab.

  • » What is a Chronic Disease and is it covered?

    A Chronic Disease is any medical issue that may require continuous evaluation and monitoring. Common examples are cancer, diabetes, heart failure, and use of blood thinners. Once a medical assessment is done at Access Health, your diagnosis may require a higher level of care for your chronic disease.

    If a higher level of care is needed, it is not covered at Access Health. Your health benefits (insurance) and all applicable deductibles and co-pays will then apply. Your Provider will discuss with you when and why a higher level of care is necessary.

    An employee can certainly use the Access Health clinic for acute primary, preventative and wellness care at any time. Some lab and x-ray services may be covered for chronic disease treatment in the Access Health clinic.

  • » Can I fill my prescriptions at Access Health?

    No. Access Health is not a pharmacy and does not fill or dispense prescriptions. Some of our clinic locations provide “provider owned” on-site pharmacies for your convenience. After your Access Health assessment, the provider can write prescriptions, if required for your diagnosis, that can be filled at your pharmacy.

  • » Can I get my prescriptions that were given by another physician reordered in Access Health without being evaluated?

    The Provider in the Access Health clinics will order medications based on their independent assessment of the patient’s needs.